Horsin’ Around


This a blog where I’m going to tell you about my experiences with horses. I’m going to write about horses because I can’t think of enough stuff to tell you about any other topic. If you want to know more just visit my wiki. In the meantime, you can look at the stories that I’m putting in. Thanks for checking out my blog. Peace


So over the fall we were trying to get Cocoa pregnant but because she came in silent heat we didn’t know the the vet came out to check and at first she wasn’t sure if she had been bred then she checked for September and she had! It was so exciting! So we’ll have an adorable foal next year in August.

Cocoa Leaving Home

On Monday 4-8-10 my riding instructor brought over her trailer we were about to take my horse Cocoa over to her barn. The loading went smoother than we expected. Cocoa loaded up without rearing or bucking or throwing a fit. When we got over to the barn we unloaded her and lead her down. We let her run out to the field and watched the other horses reaction. She came in wel annd all but one horse liked her. Now we are breeding Cocoa and my mom and Barb are retraining her. Overall everything went pretty well.

The Jumping Course

Tuesday this week I was riding Abbey in a lesson and Barb told us that we were going to do a small jumping course. She said that the jumping course was to do a figure eight over the naturals, skip the red, do the wishing well, then either come up over the red or come up over the cavaleti. The rest of the group went over the courses and finally I went. the first jumps I was nervous but after she jumped them great I relaxed a whole lot. Because I went over those jumps it made my lesson a whole lot better.

Silver turns out to be silver

On the last Saturday I rode my normal horse Abbey but we still had time. So my riding instructor told us we could ride another horse if we wanted to. She pulled me aside and told me that she wanted me to try out Silver so I rode her. When I was grooming Silver she kept biting at me and I thought that I won’t like his horse at all. During the lesson things kept getting better and better at the end of the lessonn I thanked Silver with peppermints while I thought that Silver was great. It reminded me never judge a book by its cover only remixed as Silver turned out to be Silver.

Horses at Home

At home  have three horses Cocoa, Kenny, and Sundance. Two of the hosrse are siblings and their mother died in December. The other one Kenny we got from the old barn we used to ride at when it was sold. Kenny is a buckskin, Cocoa and Sundance are dark chocolate browns.

The Chance of Candi

At the barn I ride  at there is a horse named Candi. Candi has a large bunch of tumors. The tumors have grown and now they are blocking the air tunnels. Sooner or later our riding instructor is going to have to put her down. For now Candi is alive and well cared for.

Working with Tom-Tom

On Tuesday January 21 I rode a horse called Tom-Tom. Tom-Tom is a small dark gray pony with rather large hooves. He is really good on ground work but when you get on him he becomes a jerk. He won’t move or canter. You can only sometimes get him into a trot. Otherwise he will only walk and sometimes buck. Most people can’t ride him without a crop. I got him to trot a while but never canter. Later that riding time Toria told me she wanted to try and make him move. So I let her and I got on Petunia who she had been riding. She got him to trot too but that was all. That was the first but probably not the last time I rode Tom-Tom.

Other Horses At The Barn

Here is where I’m going to name a few of the horses at the barn. Payday is a palomino horse, he has a strong build, and huge muscles, but has a lot of fat! Candi is a white pony. She is ridden by my best friend Toria. Candi is 12 years old but jumps very high. She has had rain rot recently.

Falling Out On Trail

On a Saturday last year I went out on  trail for a lesson. We had crossed the river and were at the jumping field. We went pair by pair. First was Dock and Payday, Next was Maverick and Norman, Then it was me and my sister on Sampson and Abbey. Samson went over them fine then Abbey and trotted calmly over the first three logs but on the third and final largest log Abbey felt that she would need to gallop over it and so she did after we were over she kept galloping until she headed for a tree where she made a speed record right angle turn in a split second and I fell. She was careful not to step on me then raced away. I was fine, but the bridle reins were snaped right in the middle and a stirrup with the leather had fallen off. Since the saddle was in this state I had to walk Abbey back after Kathlene on Dock had gone and gotten her.